Cooling Toys

As temperatures rise during the summer months, it's important to keep your furry friend cool and comfortable. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by providing your dog with cooling toys. In this article, we'll explore the best ways to cool your dog, provide a list of 11 products to keep them cool, explore the options for cool places to lie on, and discuss which dog toys you can freeze.

How to Cool Your Dog Down

When the temperature goes up, your dog relies on you to help them stay cool and comfortable. Here are a few ways to do just that:

  • Put your dog on a cool wet towel, cooling mat, or in the breeze of a fan.
  • Allow your dog to drink small amounts of cool water.
  • Pour cool water over their feet, ears, and head.
  • Avoid using ice or very cold water, as it can cause shock.

Products to Keep Your Dog Cool

Fortunately, there are many products available that can help keep dogs cool during hot weather. Here are 11 of the best:

  1. A cooling elevated pet bed.
  2. A kennel water bowl.
  3. A dog pool.
  4. A frozen treat.
  5. A floor fan.
  6. A cooling pad.
  7. A cooling bandana.
  8. A portable water bowl.
  9. A cooling vest.
  10. An insulated vest.
  11. A misting fan.

Cool Places for Your Dog to Lie on

In addition to providing your dog with cooling toys, there are also many cool places for them to lie on. Here are a few options:

  1. Ice packs and cool pads: Cooling mats are a great way to help your dog keep cool, as they make for the perfect place for your pup to lie. You can make your own cool mat with a damp towel, regularly refreshing it in cold water if it starts to get warm.
  2. Shaded areas: Create a shaded area for your dog to relax in by using umbrellas or creating a covered area in your backyard.
  3. Concrete or tile floors: These types of floors are naturally cooler than other surfaces, which makes them a great choice for your dog to lie on.

Dog Toys That Can Be Frozen

Frozen dog toys are another great way to help keep your furry friend cool in hot weather. Here are ten of the best:

  1. Nylabone Chill & Chew Freezer Dog Bone.
  2. Nylabone Chill and Chew.
  3. PetSafe Chilly Penguin Treat Holding Dog Toy.
  4. NWK Freezable Pet Teether.
  5. KONG Dog Toy.
  6. HyperPet Licking Mats.
  7. Multipet's Chilly Bone Toy.
  8. APETBABY Dog Crate Chew.
  9. West Paw Design Zogoflex Freezable Treat Dispensing Dog Toy.
  10. Chuckit! Max Glow Ball.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool

  1. Provide plenty of cool water for your dog to drink throughout the day.
  2. Avoid exercising your dog during the hottest parts of the day.
  3. Groom your dog regularly to help remove excess fur and keep them cool.
  4. Provide your dog with access to shaded areas and cool surfaces to lie on.
  5. Check your dog for signs of heatstroke, including panting, drooling, and lethargy, and seek veterinary attention if necessary.


When the summer temperatures rise, it's important to keep your furry friend comfortable and cool. Providing your dog with cooling toys, such as a cooling bed, frozen treat, or frozen dog toy, can help them beat the heat. Also, be sure to provide cool water, shaded areas, and cool surfaces for your dog to lie on, and avoid exercising them during the hottest parts of the day. With these tips, you can help ensure that your furry friend stays comfortable and happy all summer long.

What Is the Best Thing to Cool a Dog with

Dogs can easily overheat and become dehydrated, especially during hot summer months. As a responsible dog owner, it's important to know how to keep your furry friend cool. One of the best ways to cool a dog down is by placing them on top of a cool wet towel, or on a cooling mat. Also, positioning them in front of a fan to feel the breeze can help. It's also crucial to make sure they have access to small amounts of cool water frequently. Dogs have sweat glands only in their paws, so pouring cool water over their feet can aid in lowering their body temperature. Additionally, pouring cool water over their ears and head can help, but avoid getting water in their eyes or nose. It's important to never use ice or very cold water as this can lead to shock and potentially harm the dog.

What Can I Buy to Keep My Dog Cool

During hot summer days, it's important to keep our furry friends comfortable and cool. Fortunately, there are many products available that can help achieve this. One of the most popular options is a cooling elevated pet bed, such as the K&H Pet Products Coolin' Pet Cot Elevated Pet Bed, available on Amazon. A kennel water bowl can also be a great way to keep your dog hydrated and cool. For some fun in the sun, a dog pool is the perfect solution. If your dog has a sweet tooth, frozen treats like those available on Chewy can offer both hydration and refreshment. A floor fan can also help to circulate air and keep your dog comfortable. For a more targeted cooling approach, cooling pads and bandanas, like those available on Chewy and Amazon, can be a great choice. Finally, a portable water bowl is always a handy accessory to have on hand, especially during outdoor adventures with your pup.

What Is Cool for a Dog to Lie on

Dogs are prone to overheating, especially during hot summer days. That's why it's essential to provide them with a cool and comfortable place to lie on. Ice packs and cool pads are great options for dogs to keep their body temperature down. Cooling mats are ideal for this purpose, providing a comfortable surface for them to rest on. You can purchase a cooling mat or create your own by dampening a towel and putting it in the freezer for a while. Repeating the process with a freshly dampened towel will ensure its effectiveness. Additionally, you can lay out a wet towel on the ground or provide a small pool for your dog to take a dip in. However, always remember to supervise your dog and make sure they stay safe and hydrated during outdoor activities.

What Dog Toys Can I Freeze

Dog owners are always on the lookout for new ways to entertain and satisfy their furry friends. One unique and helpful tactic is freezing dog toys. Here are the ten best frozen dog toys:

First, there's the Nylabone Chill & Chew Freezer Dog Bone and Nylabone Chill and Chew which are both excellent options for heavy chewers. The PetSafe Chilly Penguin Treat Holding Dog Toy is also a great option for puppies and smaller breeds.

The NWK Freezable Pet Teether provides extra relief for teething puppies, and the KONG Dog Toy has a hollow center that can be filled with tasty treats for added fun.

The HyperPet Licking Mats are unique and provide dogs with a different kind of stimulation. The Multipet's Chilly Bone Toy offers a refreshing treat for hot summer days, and the APETBABY Dog Crate Chew is convenient for dogs that spend time in crates.

Overall, freezing dog toys is an innovative and helpful way to entertain your furry friend while also providing them with added benefits such as relief from teething or hot weather.

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